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About us

Desert Cancer Foundation has been helping people in the Coachella Valley after they have been diagnosed with cancer. Desert Cancer Foundation is now "completing the circle" by reaching at-risk residents early.

Desert Cancer Foundation's advance into cancer screening has been driven by the knowledge that individuals that lack financial resources frequently seek medical assistance for ongoing health problems in more advanced stages of disease. This situation habitually requires more costly treatment and often provides a less optimistic prognosis for the patient. Patients will be well served by having one agency to interact with for both cancer screening and treatment if a cancer diagnosis is made. The process will be faster and more efficient, which will allow for even earlier treatment for the patient. By reaching these individuals earlier, they will have a more positive prognosis, a better quality of life, and treatment will be less expensive.

Desert Cancer Foundation begins breast cancer screening program

Desert Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce that its program services have expanded to include financial assistance for cancer screening with the acquisition of The Suzanne Jackson Breast Cancer Fund (SJBCF). The fund was founded in August 1998 by the Desert Healthcare Foundation in collaboration with the Comprehensive Breast Center at Desert Regional Medical Center.

This cancer screening program fills a much needed gap by providing services to residents of the Coachella Valley who are uninsured and have a financial need. The cancer screening services to be provided by the Desert Cancer Foundation include screening and diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, imaging guided biopsies, pathology, education and professional fees covered by the program. The program was named in honor of the late Suzanne Jackson, beloved former Tournament Director of the LPGA and part-time desert resident who was a victim of breast cancer.

Patients who are uninsured and live in the Coachella Valley may be referred to the program by a physician or clinic. If you suspect you may have a problem that requires screening for breast problems please contact your physician or clinic. All patients must have a referring doctor. Please call 760-416-4700 for more information on this program.